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Top Rated Media, Inc. is a full-service integrated marketing, research and promotion company that specializes in the promotion of top businesses and professionals.

We are an established, trustworthy and results-driven marketing company that provides successful integrated marketing solutions. Top Rated Media has created professional marketing initiatives that highlight businesses and professionals as being the best in their community. We create top-of-mind awareness and build upon their reputation by highlighting them as leaders in their field. Top Rated Media has a proven track record of creating premium high-quality media with over a thousand videos and commercials produced. Top Rated Media and its affiliates have worked with some of the largest companies to create powerful marketing campaigns.

Business participation is exclusive. We do not accept new businesses based on inquires, instead we determined those whom are in the top 5 percent of the region’s highest rated businesses and professionals. Top Rated Media selects businesses and professionals based on the popularity that they have in their community. We select them through a consumer voting process and we research reviews by customers on review websites. Top Rated Media interviews all businesses and professional selected.

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