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Advanced Telescoping Technology enables consumers to view a traditional television commercial and then click their remote to take them directly into rich on-demand content to learn more about top rated businesses and professionals. Television viewers can now relax in front of their TV and meet Top Rated businesses and professionals on a large screen.


Telescoping is an interactive prompt or “overlay” on a TV commercial directly linking viewers to video on demand (VOD) content by pressing a button on their remote controls. Engaged, proactive customers can quickly and easily view long-form video and learn more information about a featured product or service. It offers advertisers a new, compelling way to tell their brand story beyond the thirty-second spot.


A small, interactive “overlay” appears at the bottom of a commercial, allowing for easy access’ to VOD content. This can be used to link viewers to an on-demand channel or directly to a specific video.

Three types of interactive overlays are available:

1. View Now: one interactive button that begins playing a VOD program immediately upon selection.

2. View Now or View Later: two interactive buttons appear, one launching the VOD program immediately (“View Now”) and one saving the program to a viewer’s list of programs to watch at their convenience (“View Later”).

3. View On Demand: one interactive button tunes viewers directly to a channel number, which then displays a list, or “folder”of one of more VOD programs.


Seamlessly links qualified, engaged customers to advertisers’ brands by allowing viewers to choose to view additional content.

Extends the power and reach of a thirty-second commercial and makes content available “24x7.”

Maximizes return on investment by reaching multiple audiences with one advertising buy.

Reaches millions of prospective customers nationwide, and can be used for local, regional or national advertising campaigns.

Fast Facts

• Interactive overlays prompt viewers to take specific action.

• Commercials with interactive overlays are more effective than non-interactive spots.

• Consumer commercials are 29% more likely to purchase or seek information about a brand following exposure to an interactive offer.*

* Source: IAB Platform Status Report on

Interactive Television Advertising, 2012.